The Model Rocket design, the base for all the rockets I  build (which will be dealt with in some later post) is employed here too while constructing a recovery-mechanism enabled, single-stage rocket; colloquially called the ‘parachute-rocket’. In subsequent posts I share my experiences, methods and all other details of the work done in preparing one component of the parachute-rocket.Developing this component is time consuming and demands ingenuity.This component is  fragile yet a very important part of the recovery mechanism. It is aptly named the ‘Delay Charge’.

This post deals with the elementary meaning of the words ‘delay charge’, the biases held by me before beginning the experiments, the reason for these, the testing methods employed and their utility. Continue reading

Basic Model Rocketry, Hands-on

The Delay Charge Conundrum: Building a Parachute-based Recovery Mechanism