Notsoscientific caricature

NOTSOSCIENTIFIC. That is what comes to my mind when I think of these ruminations that I put down as posts here. It is but human to compare with others. After writing down every post the mind forces me to compare it with the great disquisitions of scientists and philosophers. I can only but see how much these posts differ from those I compare them with. This naturally leads to the tagline of this blog: ‘Layman. Science’. These posts are not of the greatest scientific quality. Of course one does not expect to upload a thesis as a post! These posts may not even be nearing an adequate scientific standard. Yet, the mind forces me to write them down; to gurgle out all those troubling thoughts and possible phenomenons which I feel like discussing and debating with the best minds on the planet.

I love to explore and find out the nature of those corners of physics, which are left in the dark or neglected when the subject is taught. After all only a rigorous application of laws over all possible fields makes a theory valid. In this way I try to prove the ‘truth’ of physics for myself. Things get muddled up at times when philosophy enters to account for the unexplained. The rigor decreases and  a thousand possibilities open up. At times I get stuck at the very meaning of ‘truth’ and ‘reality’, and ultimately find it rather subjective than objective. At other times, in the attempt of ‘jumping down the rabbit hole’ of each subject I ultimately reaches a dead-end called the ‘axioms’ and ‘assumptions’ which then cloud the mind for months on a stretch. When these clouds cross the saturation limit of the mind, things spurt out as most of these posts.

Most  posts sit here as rather vague explanations for that which I think is possible, waiting for a better counterparts elsewhere.


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