Thoughts On Time

Future ‘Tense’!!

Thoughts On Time

Thoughts On Time

The Tension’s increased now. You can’t understand why your ‘H.G. Wells’ Style time machine to the past won’t work. You try to push down the start button, but it won’t budge! You think this ‘out-of-the-world’ invention of yours needs an ‘out-of-the-world’ place, so you send it over to the junkyard where some kids find it one day and cook their own science-fiction tales ! You haven’t actually given up. Instead you’ve built another cranking machine that creates a dazzling white orb that is capable of sending you to the future! YES, I said ‘THE FUTURE’! You don’t look impressed, especially after the ‘back-in-time disaster’  you expect nothing better from this machine. To be sincere, I would have to say that you are very right! It seems  funny yet the reason your machines don’t work is that they actually work!  Let me show you the truth hidden in there.

We take this time machine to be of a similar kind to the earlier machine which was meant to go back in time. This machine also goes linearly through time, that means it never skips an attosecond in time. It travels through each attosecond in time towards the desired future time which you want to be in. It would be good for you to brush up the explanations from the last post to better understand what I am talking about.  Ok, so now armed with your revised concepts, you’re ready to test this divine orb. You have started walking towards the orb, you are nearing it fast, just about to enter it now; but stop! Wait a second, I didn’t tell you something intrinsic yet neglected that’s going to happen now.

Its something called ‘causality‘ or simply known as the cause-effect relationship. 


Don’t get worried by the name, it’s just as notsoscientific as things ever are. This relationship simply means that every event (that happens at this instant) is the cause for the event(s) that takes place next. Every event taking place in the future is a result of an event which took place in the present. For example, the vase will break in a moment because you lost grip on it just now.

A better example would be that you boss shouts at you later in the day just because you are reading this post now, during work hours and smiling. Smiles do betray you at times. 🙂

Coming back to the topic, now you understand that you decide your own future. What you do now, decides what comes next. You now know that you have two very different futures in front of you; One where you enter the orb and travel to the future and the other where you do not enter it and walk back home disenchanted with your experiments.

You decide to enter the orb, and the moment you enter it, you kill the other future in which you were going back home. You also kill the chain of events that were going to take place as a result of your going back home. So if you entered trying to find out which soccer team was going to win this evening’s match, forget it! Because you’re not going home now, you won’t be switching on your television set and watching the match, you have killed your chances of seeing the soccer match and are stuck in a present-future cycle where you are just sitting in a boring dazzling orb in your laboratory.

One needs to know that this orb is not like those (imaginary ones) shown in science fiction, where the time changes only outside the orb and the time traveller sits happily inside with his own different time( a slower time). Time affects all things in the universe equally, so if you live in the universe (and I hope you are with us, here on Earth now), you will surely be affected by time.

Do note that neither are you travelling at the speed of light away from or towards the Earth nor is your lab doing so. We assume you to be at rest with respect to the reference clock you are comparing your clock (time) with, in simpler terms I mean you are at rest relative to the Earth. In no ways is Dr. Einstein and his theory of relativity being troubled by our experiments on time change at stasis.

So, if you’ve entered the orb, set the time to 5 minutes into the future (very daring again 🙂  )and started the machine, you would just be going forward in time without causing any change to the outside world;  and by your watch, in five minutes you would have gone ahead exactly in sync with your lab clock. So you would have observed nothing life-changing; at the end of the travel you would have just grown five minutes older, your colleagues would have sat laughing at you for five minutes and your boss would have stood for five minutes waiting to vent his long-held anger at you :).time

You would also not have seen time flowing faster or slower for you because you live on the same planet as your  laughing colleagues do. For you the time machine would be another crap creation fuelling your electricity bill.

The kids at the scrap yard now have two great inventions of human history at their leisure, two great time machines which work to the best of their capabilities, waiting for their creative minds to play with them, understand them and tell their very scientific, yet not very intuitive elders that it is not the machines that do not  work but the concepts the elders hold about time that fall apart.stockvault-evening-lights132154



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    Woah! I’m really loving the template/theme of this site. It’s simple, yet effective. A lot of times it’s very hard to get that “perfect balance” between user friendliness and appearance. I must say you have done a amazing job with this. In addition, the blog loads super quick for me on Firefox. Exceptional Blog!

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