Thoughts On Time

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Thoughts On Time

Thoughts On Time

Most of us as avid readers might sometime have bumped into science-fiction by H.G.Wells and other well known authors; books based on time travel. Books showing how going back in time could be possible! Most of us are fascinated by such thoughts and like to hold onto the belief that someday time-travel could be made possible! Yet, we never try to invent the time machine ourselves thinking that it may involve those huge harassing equations and concepts of physics which we never understood and rather slept over at high-school ( and more preferably at college).

Replacing this very thought with the urge to discover and  create, is the aim of NOTSOSCIENTIFIC. We are here to show you that you need nothing more than common sense to define the most difficult of theories and phenomenons explained by physics. We will show you how you can develop or refute the theory of time travel without having to gulp down those gigantic books on classical mechanics and modern physics. All we will use is the layman’s language and his thought process to show that anyone can work at the frontiers of modern day science.

So let us explain to you how and why is time travel (to the past) impossible. Why no one from the future is going to come back to you and show-off his alien technologies.  Read on to know why you would never be able to go back to the past and click some photos with Abraham Lincoln or give the holy light bulb to the folks of the past just before Edison invents it! Continue to the next post to know why.


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